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>> reporter: the man in the jeep started blowing his horn, the man with the shotgun came and hit the windshield with the hammer. the victim went to the back of the jeep. >> the suspect was yelling, he couldn't determine what was being said. then, within minutes, the individual, he said walked back into the woods, carrying the shotgun and the hammer. >> reporter: a man hunt started involving the state police helicopter, the state and county police on the ground along with the s.w.a.t. teams police haven't found anyone fitting the description of the suspect. the police are out there searching now. they have no idea why the man attacked the person in the car. as far as they know, no shots were fired. thank you. the police have arrested six teens accused of robbing three other teens.
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police charged two as adults. both are from pasadena. the robbery happened in queens park. one of the suspects showed a knife. they handed over their cell phone and money. the sixteens were found at a restaurant. since i've moved here. i've seen cops and the police shooting. this lady's van was stolen and then, they brought it back into the neighborhood. >> she says that's enough. all of the suspects are charged with armed robbery and theft. home invasion robbers may be putting real police officers in danger when the fake cops broke into this home and used
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flex cuffs to restrain the homeowners. the suspects wore officially looking police shirts. >> the owner of a cop shop says that he fears the fake cops could put real ones in harm's way. >> you keep hearing about the robberies. you open up the door and whatever reason, you shoot first. you kill a police officer. the robbers struck north east baltimore and more. the real police aren't sure if the same men are responsible for all three of the crimes or if they're copy cats. the search is on for a man who abducted his girlfriend's 8- year-old son. he's on the screen. he assaulted his girlfriend and
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2-year-old daughter on monday nigh. he grabbed the boy and took off. he later released the boy about 45 minutes away. the police have a warrant out for the arrest of the man tonight. today, a fire destroyed a home. the fire here in the lutherville area started in the garage. it spread to the home. the fire companies responded to fight the fire. six classic cars were destroyed. no one was injured. a girl is in the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull. the incident happened monday morning in arch street and cumberland. according to the cumberland times news, she walked out on to a neighbor's porch and the dog attacked. the girl suffered facial injuries. the dog was putdown and the owner was fined for leaving it
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unrestrained. there was a mess at a large water main this morning. there was a major damage after a 24-inch water main broke at 5:00 this morning. as you can see from the picture from the times news, the water was everywhere including the backyard. it took more than 2 1/2 hours before the water could be shut off. no word on how much damage was done. normal water pressure may not return until tomorrow morning. but, the thicker cloud cover has been down in southern maryland. that's where we'll find the showers and storms here on maryland's most powerful radar. you can see a little bit of rain in there now. hey, i think it's late in the afternoon and july when you see the showers. that's where the storms have been, but not much back in the baltimore area. through your day tomorrow, the
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mid-80s and we look for more widespread showers into tomorrow night. we'll talk about when we see briefly milder weather, perhaps, coming up. as we reported first, last night, on the 11:00 news, councilman karl stokes won't run for mayor. he's keeping his 12th district seat. stokes will face seven other democrats hoping to represent the 12th. the chairman of the republican party calls the districts the worst districts in the entire country. today, the republicans came out with their proposed ideas for remapping the tricks. right now, the map looks like this. all of the districts are within miles of one another and in some places around baltimore.
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it shows the other districts broken up around d.c.. the republicans say that the ideas protects the voter's districts. this comes ahead of a meeting of a panel appointed by a governor. a group that wanted to build a slots casino is stewing -- suing the state's gambling committee. the canadian developer claims that the bidding process discriminates by companies owned by white men. the city accepted his bid back in 2009, but he was turned down for a state's slots license. baltimore citys is looking to cut back on spending.
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today, mayor stephanie rawlings- blake, along with those from the lock raven community and the head of the transportation authority gathered to show off a new paving machine. it will show neighborhood streets. cuts have forced the city workers to work more and cutting down on the cost of what the contractors have done in the past. >> this is from the efforts of the maintenance division focus on being more effective and efficient. we're doing what families are doing. that's doing more with less. and the mayor says that the city's doing 98% of work on baltimore city's main streets. if you have a smart phone with a data plan, get ready for a change. coming up, very rising is -- verizon is changing how much you have to pay on the data
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plan. how much do you pay on your pet? we have tips to save your money while pampering your pet. and this all star home is almost the top moment in the game's history. how you can make it number one. 89 degrees at bwi. record high on the day, 105. that was this day last year. you'll get an idea. 92 is the guarantee. we were 3 degrees off. we'll be back.
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denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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shop are you spending less on your animals? >> pets have obesity problems an obesity can lead to other serious ailments that can make your pet's life difficult and costly. if your pet needs medicine, buy it from a supermarket and pharmacy instead of the vet's office to save money. if you want unlimited data
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from verizon, you have until 9:00 tonight to get to the store. they'll have new plans tomorrow. we break down the plan tonight. >> it used to be that people had cell phones to talk, these days, their fingers are doing the walking. so much that cell phone companies are figuring out ways to deal with the plans. >> reporter: for many young women, leaving the house without a cell phone is unthinkable. >> i have a blackberry, it does everything. i download like applications and stuff. just basic cell phone, i don't know. >> reporter: is it expensive to own? >> i don't know, my parents pay for it. >> on verizon, things could
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change. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, new phone user won't be able to get unlimited usage. they'll have tiered options there have the company says it's making the change to give consumers the choice on how to spend the money. consumers say it is something else. >> it's to get more money out of you, especially knowing that people text. you don't even get that many minutes. i guess, you know, it's a scheme to get more money? luckily, i'm happy sprint didn't change. >> yet. >> yet. >> reporter: e-mail, games and music and video are in high demand. with the demands for data, the large carriers don't have much choice. the consumers do have a choice. new users may not be able to get unlimited data.
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they can get other things if they're willing to do research. >> once you look at the features you have to look at the minutes. the phone else you the information. you want to take that into consideration. once again, this is for new smart phone customers. if you have unlimited, you can keep it for now. to save money, you may be paying for new plans. shop around and get the best plan there. if you take a smaller plan, you can take taps. >> now, maryland's most
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powerful doppler radar. you know, it's hot and hazy. wouldn't you like a breeze? that's what we have this afternoon. we have a tight shot on the state flag. we have a few more flags in the harbor. we have wind out of the south. it's a warm breeze. we want to talk about this. this is from last year. we were teasing ahead to the chesapeake turtle derby. there you know about this, jamie. it's coming up and we're talking about that on facebook. taking a look at the sky cam shots across the state today. this is mount airy and we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds. you'll notice the time of the day in the summer, you'll lose the cloud cover around 5:00 and 6:00. it was hazy all day on the severn and how about ellicott
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city. we have a little bit of breeze shaking the trees. boy, we needed it. temperatures around 90. there's not much rain in the state anywhere. that's accept for a little bit around the very pretty area south of ocean city. they're getting the rain now south eastern maryland. the last showers moved off of calvert cliffs. it's really a lower eastern shore thing. they're getting big storms down here. we have a lot of lightning down here. we're optimistic that this boundary and this storm activity will be closer to us come tomorrow. in the meantime, we're talking about air quality as well. so, again, it's the afternoon period and the hottest conditions, that's where we get the highest ozone levels that trigger the code orange alerts. temperatures are in the low 90s now.
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that's the cooler spot with the showers. that's north of 95 in the harbor. that's a steam bath in the city. tomorrow, neighborhood by neighborhood, similar tomorrow and a better chance of afternoon storms. canton, 91 and into anne arundel county. you'll hit 92 before the storms change in the afternoon. most of the activity is to the south. you can see the boundary pushing in. you're optimistic we'll get storms tomorrow. take a little bit of rain, that's an inch behind the annual rainfall. the future caster is showing little overnight tonight. there it is tomorrow. we'll get popup showers and storms. then, into friday, we'll get isolated showers. overnight, 72 and warm and balmy. tomorrow, a 2-degree guarantee
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of 90. though, the early part of the day should be dry. the seven-day forecast, things are summer like. the weekend looks dry. it will be hot. it's july in maryland and baltimore, we know it's hot. >> i know you've been concentrating on the local front, what about the shuttle. they get the sea breeze off of the atlantic and the coast. the count down is on. the shuttle could be delayed because of the weather. the forecast for the scheduled launch is heading downhill. as wyatt said. the forecasters say there's a 70% chance of rain and that could scrub the launch. that's worse than the forecast
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we told you about earlier. the final mission is friday morning at 11:26. coming up, a fire early sunday morning was arson. a person inside the pardon me heard popping sounds and saw smoke and fire and the fire was put out. several other fires nearby were also intentionally set. in all, five fires were reported in the area causing $50,000 in damage. if you have information, call the police right away. time is running up to vote for cal. this is one of the best mlb moments of all time. he's in the finals. now, his moment is something many fans won't forget. he played in his last game in 2001. that was the start of the third inning with the home run. that started the scoring and resulted in ripkin being named mvp for the game.
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you'll also remember alex rodriguez starting the game making the move. he pushed him over. all right, you have until noon to vote for the play. the winning moment will be announced next tuesday. go to the website for the link to the voting. here's a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. the caylee anthony anthony case is putting -- the caylee anthony case is putting the spotlight on missing sharon. and it's out, the list of the cleanest and dirtiest beaches. we'll tell you the spots you may know. those tour store -- those stories and are coming up. the weather was muggy, but better than last year. what about the rest of the
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week. it's a look at the rest of the summer. we have a chance of storms. wyatt gives us a look at the forecast so we can make summer plans.
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make it a snow and ice night for us. -- make it a nice night for us. the shower and storms are down the beachside. they'll move out quickly. tomorrow, a better chance of storms around baltimore and the center part of the state. be ready for that and the weekend looks dry, too. are you a t bone guy? >> just give me the meat. >> that's it for us at 6:00. we'll see you back here at
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11:00. world news is next with diane sawyer. don't forget about the casey anthony special at 10:00.
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